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A few words about me


My name is Guilhem Banc-Prandi. I am a French marine biologist, specialised in tropical coral response to environmental changes. For many years, I have been passionate about the ocean and the underwater world. If through my research, I try to understand the mechanisms of adaptations of the reefs to their changing environment, I want, through my pictures, to share the beauty of the sea, and raise awareness of its fragility.

I founded an international non-profit organization called WeSea ( We aim at raising awareness about the marine environment and bring education to the large public, in order to preserve it for the next generations.

I am currently working as a PostDoc researcher at the École Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne (Switzerland), and also work as the Scientific Director of the Transnational Red Sea Center ( which aims at conducting research, monitoring and education in the Red Sea involving the local scientific communities, promoting therefore the approach Science for Diplomacy.

The Red Sea reefs are unique, as they display exceptional resilience to rapid warming, yet they are not strangers to local disturbances, which might in the short and long run undermine their chances of survival. Through my photography work, I wish to shed light on this unique ecosystem to promote its conservation.

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